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Employing People With Disabilities Everything you Need to Know
Monday, 2/26/2018 from 9:00am -12:00pm
Location: Family Residences and Essential Enterprises, Inc. - 191 Bethpage Sweet Hollow Road Old Bethpage NY , 11804

Event Details

Who Should Attend: This most important topic is aimed toward individuals within an organization who establish company policy, especially in the area of human resources including, but not limited to: executive and senior management, specifically human resource managers, as well as managers and supervisors of direct labor personnel.
It is essential that all appropriate organizational staff be directed to participate in this training so that we can continue to enrich the lives of individuals with disabilities.
*Please note; This TIP session is mandatory for NYSID Corporate Partners

Session Objective: This presentation includes definitions, etiquette and interaction skills, the disability community’s perspective, accessibility/universal design, explanation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, hiring practices/employment, and current trends and topics. Disability awareness incorporates sensitivity training so the audience can empathize with the injustices individuals with disabilities face, as well as educate employers on the types of supports these individuals may need.
Videos, extensive materials and resources, federal guidelines, and current best practices will highlight the content and allow for attendees to best respond to and interact with all individuals.
Also addressed, will be, defining accommodations, understanding characteristics of disabilities, utilizing the vast network of supports, extensive resources, behavior defined, and how to review accessibility.

Presenter Bio.

David Whalen DAT Founder

David Whalen founded Disability Awareness Training (DAT) in September 2004. He specializes in training law enforcement, emergency responders, human service providers, public, private, and school transportation, corporations and businesses, places of worship, and educators. His training is designed both to sensitize and educate on all aspects of disabilities, including: definitions of disabilities; etiquette and interaction skills; stigma and misperceptions; proactive approaches to community inclusion and integration; the Americans with Disabilities Act; and overcoming barriers through advocacy. David has worked in the disability field for most of his career, most recently as vice president of program operations at Opportunities Unlimited of Niagara, where he established groundbreaking programs recognized statewide.

Event is: OPEN

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