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Business Support Expertise, Four Decades Strong

NYSID has the state-wide capability to perform contracts for a wide range of services, as mandated under Section 162 of the State Finance Law.

NYSID and its member agencies have the proven expertise to bring together effectively trained and supervised workforces to meet government services needs.

As the state-approved resource for dozens of business support opportunities, NYSID continues to look at new avenues of performance in response to customer requirements. Our capabilities have evolved into joint initiatives with private sector New York State businesses, allowing us to enter into new service areas in response to Preferred Source customers' needs.

The state-approved list of NYSID Preferred Source services and commodities is available at: www.ogs.state.ny.us/procurecounc/pdfdoc/Pslist.pdf.

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Contact a Regional NYSID Account Representative to learn more about our Services

E-mail: first initial + last name @nysid.org example: John Smith = jsmith@nysid.org




Vice President Joseph Messina (800) 221-5994 Ext. 300
Marketing Manager Brian Bateman (800) 221-5994 Ext. 296
Technical Projects Manager Bob Braun (800) 221-5994 Ext. 219
Senior Sales Manager Meredith Hartman (800) 221-5994 Ext. 294
or (518) 312-3919

Downstate Region

352 Seventh Avenue, Suite 201 New York, NY 10001 (212) 889-6618
Account Representative -
NYC/Long Island
Edwin Zitovsky (212) 889-6618
Account Representative -
Jim Ring (212) 889-6618
Account Representative -
Long Island
Angelo Cervone (631) 655-4416
Account Representative -
Northern Metro
Robert Hammel (845) 249-8199

Upstate Region

Account Representative-
Hudson Valley
Sara Erickson (800) 221-5994 Ext. 245
Account Representative -
Western NY
Margie Werder (716) 875-9232
Account Representative -
Central NY
Katie Tucci (315) 558-2271

Statewide Markets

Commodity Sales Specialist Tom Occhiogrosso (800) 221-5994 Ext. 303
Account Representative -
Higher Education
Kristine Fitzpatrick  (631) 459-0034


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