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January 15, 2015

NYSID Members, Corporate Partners Create Meaningful Employment

Category: General — NYSID @ 2:24 pm

NYSID is highlighting our member agencies and corporate partners, county by county, to demonstrate their human service support and economic impact within communities across New York State.

Jason Evans, A.V.R.E. (Association for Vision Rehabilitation and Employment)

Each week, as we continue our 40th anniversary celebration, we acknowledge these organizations for creating meaningful employment for New Yorkers with disabilities throughout our 40-year history. We couldn’t have done it without YOU!

We continue with Broome County, where 486 New Yorkers with disabilities worked 160,598 employment hours on Preferred Source contracts between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014!

Thanks to the following member agencies and corporate partners for their job creation efforts: A.V.R.E.; ACHIEVE, Broome-Tioga County Chapter NYSARC, Inc./Country Valley Industries (CVI); Bates Troy, Inc.; SOURCECORP BPS Inc.; and Xerox State & Local Solutions, Inc.

Jason Evans, from A.V.R.E., is one of 59 Joslin Outstanding Performers nominated by NYSID member agencies and corporate partners in 2014. He has been employed in the sheeting department converting roll stock paper into copy paper since July 2011. Jason has been a member of the team that produces copy paper as a NYSID Preferred Source item since A.V.R.E. began producing paper for New York State in 2013.

Kathy Muller, ACHIEVE, Broome-Tioga County Chapter NYSARC, Inc./Country Valley Industries (CVI)

Kathy Muller, a fellow Joslin Outstanding Performer, came to ACHIEVE, Broome-Tioga County Chapter NYSARC, Inc./CVI in May 2012. She has worked on a variety of jobs since starting at CVI, but her preferred job is Bates Troy laundry. Kathy performs all areas of the NYSID Preferred Source Bates Troy contract work, inspecting and stacking washcloths, inspecting and folding blankets and contours, and weigh scaling and tie wrapping completed bundles.

NYS Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo (D/WFP-Binghamton) said: “I’d like to congratulate NYSID on its 40th anniversary. The work done by NYSID has tremendous positive effects in Broome County. In the last year, nearly 500 people have found employment through NYSID’s efforts, helping these individuals grow their economic and social independence. I look forward to working with NYSID to continue this great work in our community.”

Congratulations to Jason and Kathy, and thanks to our member agencies and corporate partners in Broome County for helping us celebrate “40 Years of Looking Forward.”

Keep an eye out for your member agency or corporate partner in the weeks and months ahead, as we highlight NYSID Preferred Source job creation –– county by county –– across New York State!


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