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April 14, 2015

NYSID Celebrates 40th Anniversary, One County After Another

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As NYSID continues its 40th anniversary celebration, we acknowledge our member agencies and corporate partners for creating meaningful employment for New Yorkers with disabilities throughout our 40-year history. We couldn’t have done it without YOU!

We’re highlighting these organizations, county by county, to demonstrate their human service support and economic impact within communities across New York State.

Victoria Ortiz is currently employed by Access: Supports for Living Inc. on several Department of Transportation (DOT) contracts held with NYSID

In Orange County, 132 New Yorkers with disabilities worked 129,596 employment hours on Preferred Source contracts in 2014! Thanks to Access: Supports for Living Inc. (formerly Occupations, Inc.) and Unitex Rental Textile Services for their job creation efforts.

Victoria Ortiz from Access is one of 59 Joslin Outstanding Performers nominated by NYSID member agencies and corporate partners in 2014. She is currently employed by Access on several Department of Transportation (DOT) contracts held with NYSID. Victoria began her association with Access in 2000 seeking clinical services. With these supports in place, she began working in the Scotchtown work center on a fast-paced bottle-filling operation, where she remained for nine years.

She then applied for a contract worker position at the DOT Rest Area contract and has worked there for the past four years. Victoria is part of Access’ snow team and has learned to use snow blowers and shovels, and has even spent the night on location, to ensure that the customer was getting the service they require when road conditions prohibit travel.

NYS Senator John J. Bonacic (R/C/I-Mt. Hope) said: “I would like to extend my congratulations and thanks to the entire staff and membership –– past and present –– of NYSID on its 40th anniversary. NYSID has been doing excellent work advocating for individuals with disabilities throughout the state. Nothing raises self-esteem more than doing meaningful work, and being a welcome part of the community. NYSID has done an outstanding job ensuring our family members with disabilities are not forgotten.”

Congratulations to Victoria and thanks to our member agencies and corporate partners in Orange County for helping us celebrate “40 Years of Looking Forward.” Keep an eye out for your member agency or corporate partner in the weeks and months ahead, as we highlight NYSID Preferred Source job creation –– county by county –– across New York State!


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