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April 29, 2015

NYSID Hosts First CREATE Symposium Among NYS Legislators

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Bottle redemption, clothing shelving, portable wheelchair access, and adaptive material measuring and cutting machinery were just a few of the assistive technologies on display at NYSID’s first CREATE Symposium at the Legislative Office Building (LOB) in Albany.

Clarkson University students demonstrate their bottle redemption technology, developed in partnership with St. Lawrence ARC

The April 22 event showcased prototypes and videos of assistive technology projects designed to increase productivity and improve livelihoods of New Yorkers with disabilities.

CREATE (Cultivating Resources for Employment with Assistive TEchnology) is an initiative sponsored by NYSID that brings undergraduate and graduate engineers from colleges and universities across New York State together with NYSID community rehabilitation agencies.

Manhattan College displays its clothing shelving system, developed in partnership with Lifespire

Student engineers have the opportunity to put their knowledge to use in the context of a “real-life” experience during their academic year-long project. In collaboration with NYSID’s not-for-profit rehabilitation centers, these student teams and rehabilitation centers identify projects that can improve the productivity of workers with disabilities. CREATE also serves to educate students on the employment challenges faced by New Yorkers with disabilities.

The following colleges and universities participate in CREATE: Clarkson University, Binghamton University, Manhattan College, and SUNY Maritime College. These colleges and universities work with the following NYSID member agencies on CREATE projects: Lifespire, Fedcap, AHRC New York City, Goodwill Industries of Greater New York & Northern New Jersey, ACHIEVE, and St. Lawrence ARC.

Among the CREATE projects currently underway:

  • Clarkson University/St. Lawrence ARC: bottle redemption technology
  • Manhattan College/Lifespire: clothing shelving system and optimal chemical dispenser
  • Binghamton University/ACHIEVE: adaptive material measuring and cutting device
  • SUNY Maritime/Goodwill Industries of Greater New York & Northern New Jersey: portable wheelchair access ramp
  • SUNY Maritime/AHRC New York City: recycled paper handling optimization and floor buffer controllability improvements
  • SUNY Maritime/Fedcap: conformal coating optimization
  • Manhattan College/Institute for Career Development: job interview training interface
  • SUNY Maritime/YAI-The Corporate Source/Broadview Networks: production maximization

SUNY Maritime College students flank Ron Romano, NYSID president & CEO (second from left) and Dr. Joe Levert from SUNY Maritime (third from left)

NYSID was honored to have NYS Senator Catharine Young and NYS Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara address Symposium participants and attendees.

In addition, Assemblyman Santabarbara, NYS Assemblyman Michael Benedetto, and NYS Assemblyman Jeffrion Aubry recognized NYSID and CREATE participants on the floor of the NYS Assembly.

NYS Assemblyman Michael DenDekker and NYS Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther also greeted the NYSID contingent.

“CREATE offers undergraduate and graduate student engineers the opportunity to put their knowledge to use in the context of practical, hands-on experience and encourages assistive technology innovation for New Yorkers with disabilities,” said Ron Romano, NYSID president & CEO. “These new, inspiring technologies and devices remove barriers from the workplace by increasing productivity and improving lives and livelihoods.”

Binghamton University student engineers display their adaptive material measuring and cutting device, developed in partnership with ACHIEVE

Dr. Joe Levert, curriculum leader for mechanical engineering and associate professor of mechanical engineering at SUNY Maritime College, has worked with CREATE since its inception in 2012, and co-authored a white paper about CREATE for the American Society for Engineering Education.

“CREATE is a great learning experience for students,” Levert said. “Service-learning, exemplified by CREATE, is recognized as one of the most effective forms of experiential student learning –– the learning which best enables graduates to adapt and contribute in our rapidly changing world. Sooner or later, we’re all called to do our part in service to society. CREATE was based on that generous notion of mutual help –– not profit. It’s a win-win-win scenario where people at member agencies are enabled to work, students learn richly, and NYSID advances its goals of outreach.”

Thanks to our New York State legislators, student engineers, and NYSID member agencies for CREATE-ing change by Cultivating Resources for Employment with Assistive Technology.

For more information on CREATE, visit: http://www.createnysid.net.


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