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June 4, 2015

NYSID Veterans’ Summit Features Heroes at Home, Team Rubicon

Category: General — NYSID @ 12:57 pm

NYSID hosted its quarterly Veterans’ Summit on June 3 at its Albany office, with attendees traveling from the North Country, downstate New York and across the Capital Region for the event.

Pictured l-r: Amy Molloy, acting administrative director and founding member, Heroes at Home; Marc Denofio, NYS communications coordinator, Team Rubicon USA; Chris Vejvoda, peer support mentor, Heroes at Home

Summit participants include New York State government agencies, not-for-profits, veterans’ service organizations, Wounded Warriors, institutions of higher learning, and rehabilitation organizations, including NYSID members.

Presenters included:

Amy Molloy, acting administrative director and founding member and Chris Vejvoda, peer support mentor, Heroes at Home: PFC Joseph Dwyer Peer Support Program for Veterans and Military Families. This New York State-funded project is dedicated to ensuring a healthy and successful reintegration for all members of the military and their loved ones by addressing issues related to post traumatic stress; building resiliency, fostering hope and encouraging connectedness; and reducing stigma and preventing suicide.

Marc Denofio, NYS communications coordinator, Team Rubicon USA, a disaster response organization that unites the skills of veterans and civilians, and aids in bridging the gap for returning veterans. Team Rubicon seeks to provide veterans with three ideals they seek after leaving the military: a purpose, gained through disaster relief; community, built by serving with others; and self-worth, from recognizing the impact one individual can make.

“Heroes at Home has been attending the Veterans’ Summits hosted by NYSID for the last few years. It’s always wonderful to connect with familiar partners, meet new ones, and learn more about the many great resources for veterans and families across New York State,” Molloy said. “The group is supportive of one another’s missions and we always leave the Summits feeling energized, inspired and eager to work harder and more creatively to ensure that our military and veterans are getting the care and support that they so deserve. Thank you, NYSID, for all the hard work that goes into organizing these Veterans’ Summits!”

“The NYSID Veterans’ Summit was a wonderfully engaging event. It is nice to present to a group that is informed, interested and committed to their mission,” Denofio said.

Dan Casale attended the Summit on behalf of NYS Senator Kathy Marchione, R/C-43, member of the NYS Senate Committee on Labor. Others Summit attendees included: Kenneth Williams, director of the Division of Service Disabled Veterans’ Business Development within the New York State Office of General Services; and Todd Rosenfield, project manager with the New York State Division of Veterans’ Affairs.

“NYSID conducts its quarterly Veterans’ Summits to provide an in-person clearinghouse for individuals and organizations supporting veterans with disabilities in New York State,” said Ron Romano, NYSID president & CEO. “Through this information exchange, we foster collaboration and networking and advance the cause of identifying jobs for veterans with disabilities, particularly as the number of returning veterans with disabilities increases.”

NYSID supports job creation efforts for a diverse group of New Yorkers with disabilities through a statewide network of 166 community rehabilitation agencies and private sector business partners and assists with veterans’ support programs, promoting quality of life for veterans as they reconnect to the New York State workforce.


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