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August 11, 2015

TRI, American Maintenance Shine at Nassau Community College

Category: General — NYSID @ 2:40 pm

The Rehabilitation Institute (TRI), American Maintenance and Nassau Community College are a perfect example of collaboration between a NYSID member agency and corporate partner, satisfaction from a customer, and appreciation from employers and employees alike.

TRI and American Maintenance recently celebrated their one-year anniversary of performing Preferred Source janitorial work at Nassau Community College by hosting a pizza party to show the crew their appreciation for their hard work and dedication on the overnight shift.

The janitorial work crew members, in turn, wrote personal “thank you” notes expressing their gratitude for the opportunity to work.

Nassau Community College is a large, 24/7 contract that employs 20-22 individuals with disabilities in a demanding, fast-paced environment. The work crew is fantastic, and there is a true partnership between TRI and American Maintenance to support and retain the overnight staff.

Harold R. Robinson, janitorial work crew member, wrote: “I was blessed to see TRI and American Maintenance join together to provide opportunities for those who really need it. It is also good to see TRI has proved through the years that they are an organization that truly cares for people and shows it by their actions.”

A fellow work crew member, Alan Caldwell, wrote: “I just want to say I was blessed to be given this chance from TRI and American Maintenance. I won’t let either company down. Thank you all.”

Another worker, Dylan Plakstis, wrote simply and poignantly: “Thank you for giving me my wings and letting me fly.”

For 50 years, TRI has assisted individuals with disabilities in reaching their highest level of independence through the provision of vocational and educational services. These services are designed to assist an individual in identifying personal and professional goals and include vocational assessment, counseling, training, remediation, day habilitation, production, and support services.

This is one of many great examples of exemplary service to an important customer on a NYSID Preferred Source contract. Thanks to TRI, American Maintenance and Nassau Community College, and thanks to all of our member agencies, corporate partners and customers for creating employment opportunities for New Yorkers with disabilities!


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