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March 27, 2012

Madison Cortland ARC

Category: General — NYSID @ 3:11 pm

Danny Kopp’s life changed in 2010. Danny, who has a developmental disability, lived with his elderly mother and his sister. It was the home that he knew most of his life until the day came when his mother became frail and had to move into a long-term care facility.

Danny was unable to stay at home alone while his sister Doreen went to work. It was a difficult time for everyone in the Kopp family.

Doreen sought help from Madison Cortland ARC and Danny started attending a vocational program at Alternatives Industry, a subsidiary of Madison Cortland ARC.

Alternatives is a diverse organization that has successfully prospered over 30 years. It has the dual responsibility of training and employing adults with disabilities and also managing a profitable and customer focused enterprise. With more than 100,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space across three buildings, Alternatives has grown into one of the largest employers in the area. Its business enterprises include bakery and food processing, electronic assembly, electronic waste, and packaging and assembly services.

Staff at Alternatives worked closely with Danny as they taught him how to work on various vocational skills. It was challenging at first, as Danny had so much to learn and he had difficulty keeping up.

Danny has a great gift of ambition and a desire to learn. Even though Danny may have found the work challenging at first, he did not give up. He persevered. He is learning new skills everyday and taking on more responsibility.

Danny Kopp was recognized for the progress he has made both personally and vocationally. Danny received a 2011 NYSID William B. Joslin Outstanding Performer award and he was so proud.

“If I didn’t work here, I’d be bored,” he says with a smile, “I like making a paycheck.”


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