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February 29, 2016

“Know Your Right to Vote” During NDDAM in March

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NYSID celebrates National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month (NDDAM) in March and recognizes the contributions of individuals with disabilities to the social and economic well-being of our communities, our state and our nation.

“Know Your Right to Vote” is the 2016 NDDAM theme, promoting the rights of people with disabilities to vote. With 2016 being a presidential election year and so much attention focused on the primaries and caucuses, NYSID and The Arc of the United States encourage chapters, people with I/DD, their families, and more to know their rights, get registered, and be aware of the key deadlines in New York State and across the country. #DDAware

“For 40 years, NYSID has been turning business opportunities into jobs for New Yorkers with intellectual and developmental disabilities across New York State,” said Ron Romano, NYSID president & CEO. “These individuals provide incredible examples of how much New York State benefits by having a workforce that is inclusive of persons with disabilities, many of whom cast votes in primaries, caucuses and elections.

“With more than 7,000 lives touched in 2015 alone, NYSID Preferred Source employment opportunities are career pathways for New Yorkers with disabilities. These opportunities have evolved over time into life-changing experiences and financial security for New Yorkers, supporting government procurement needs and energizing communities. We join The Arc in encouraging NYSID member agencies and the individuals they serve to become active, engaged participants in the election process.”

Our 2015 Annual Report highlights the work of NYSID and our local-based member agencies and private sector business partners in creating jobs for New Yorkers with disabilities.

In 2015, NYSID Preferred Source contracts statewide accounted for 7,052 jobs created, 4,27 million employment hours and $59.7 million in wages.

NYSID acknowledges our member agencies, Governor Andrew Cuomo and members of the New York State Senate and New York State Assembly for creating meaningful employment for New Yorkers with disabilities and improving countless lives with the integrity that comes with being employed.

Visit The Arc’s website for more information on developmental disabilities and how to raise awareness.

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Thanks for your continued support during National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month and throughout the year.


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