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April 6, 2016

All-Around Excellence, Self-Advocacy and Autism Awareness in One

Category: General — NYSID @ 4:35 pm

Richard Thrun embodies employment excellence while living on the autism spectrum.

He began working with the Southeast Works service crews in 2008, completing custodial work at nearby businesses and churches. Rich used this new work opportunity to build up his confidence and self-esteem, allowing him to move on to greater opportunities.

Richard Thrun from Southeast Works is one of many success stories NYSID celebrates during National Autism Awareness Month

After some time, Rich’s self-esteem had improved, and he was assigned to work independently at Rural Metro Services, a facility that provides ambulance services in the area. He quickly made friends with many employees at this facility and was feeling a sense of belonging and improved confidence. Rich was awarded the Member of Excellence for his work performance at Rural Metro in 2010. Rich remained with Rural Metro for over four years.

In 2013, Rich transitioned from his position at Rural Metro to working at New York State Thruway toll booths providing custodial services. This particular contract requires a faster work pace and a great deal of confidence in one’s ability. Rich was ready for this new opportunity. The move to his new job went smoothly compared to previous jobs, when he would display a great deal of hesitation with any type of change.

Several months after working on the New York State Thruway contract, he began working at the Lancaster Police/Court Building on days he wasn’t scheduled to work at the New York State Thruway toll booths. Rich has truly gained a remarkable amount of confidence in his abilities and a better understanding of advocating for himself over the past several years. Great job, Rich!

April is National Autism Awareness Month (NAAM16), an excellent opportunity to create autism awareness and acceptance within New York’s workforce and communities. #AutismFriendly #NAAM16

Rich is also a Joslin Outstanding Performer. In its 13th year, NYSID’s Joslin Awards Program has recognized nearly 600 Outstanding Performers, and awarded 15 of those individuals with the final William B. Joslin Outstanding Performance Award.

Learn more information about the Joslin Outstanding Performance Award, including nomination materials, guidelines and important dates.


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