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April 18, 2016

AHRC Nassau Worker Changes Landscape of Autism Awareness

Category: General — NYSID @ 1:08 pm

Daniel Zinke had a dream to become a professional landscaper and has always been fascinated with big trucks and power machines.

He applied for an AHRC Nassau landscaping position and has been working for AHRC Nassau since June 2013 as a dedicated, hardworking, self-motivated employee, while living on the autism spectrum.

Daniel Zinke is a hard-working landscaper and a true success story as National Autism Awareness Month continues

When Dan first started working as a landscaper, he needed full attention and direction from his supervisor. He steadily increased the quality and speed of his work. Dan has learned how to use a 36-inch walk-behind lawn mower, back pack blowers, aerators, power rakes, commercial push mowers, snow blowers, and all types of hand tools.

Dan goes above and beyond expectations by helping his co-workers when they are having a hard time using equipment or getting the job done. He is a true leader who sets a high standard and is a great example for his co-workers.

Dan’s independence has improved greatly. He travels to and from work by train. He arrives at work and sets up for the day by cleaning the machines, setting up tools and preparing all the equipment in the landscaping truck and trailer.

His hard work and determination have helped AHRC Nassau’s program renew the New York Power Authority and NYS Department of Labor NYSID Preferred Source Contracts. He has been maintaining these properties by cutting grass, raking leaves, weeding flower beds, picking up garbage, planting flowers, and shoveling snow.

Dan’s landscaping skills and excellent personality have made AHRC Nassau’s customers very happy. The opportunities provided by NYSID Preferred Source contracts have been instrumental in helping Dan become an outstanding landscaper and a very sociable person in the community.

During National Autism Awareness Month (NAAM16), join NYSID as we increase awareness of member agencies which provide employment for this workforce population and the ways in which we collectively turn business opportunities into jobs for New Yorkers in the autism community. #AutismFriendly #NAAM16

Dan is also a Joslin Outstanding Performer. In its 13th year, NYSID’s Joslin Awards Program has recognized nearly 600 Outstanding Performers, and awarded 15 of those individuals with the final William B. Joslin Outstanding Performance Award.

Learn more information about the Joslin Outstanding Performance Award, including nomination materials, guidelines and important dates.


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