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May 17, 2012

Disabled Veterans’ Summit Addresses Jobs, Housing

Category: General — NYSID @ 7:56 pm

NYSID hosted its quarterly Disabled Veterans’ Summit Meeting on Thursday, May 17 at its Albany office.

Summit participants represented an array of organizations, including state and federal government agencies, not-for-profits, veteran service organizations, Wounded Warriors, rehabilitation organizations, including NYSID members and a representative from Senator Roy McDonald’s office.

Pictured l-r: Fredy Tello and Doreen Straka, Jericho Project; Nick Auletta, Summit Security Services Inc.; Jack Downing, Soldier On; and Tim Hendrickson, Fedcap Rehabilitation Services

Presenters included:

Tim Hendrickson, director of veteran services for Fedcap Rehabilitation Services, who discussed how Fedcap’s VetsWork initiative has researched, created and re-designed programs to address the re-entry and re-integration needs of veterans and pushed the public dialogue on veterans’ unemployment.

Nick Auletta, vice president of Summit Security Services Inc., who discussed the Veterans Security and Investigations Workforce Development Program, a partnership with Fedcap that provides greater employment opportunities for returning military veterans within the security and investigations industry.

Fredy Tello, director of Veterans Employment – Workforce Opportunities, Jericho Project, and Doreen Straka, senior director – Workforce Opportunities, Jericho Project, who discussed the Veterans Supportive Apartment Program, which houses young veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and prevents them from cycling into homelessness and chronic unemployment.

Jack Downing, president and CEO of Soldier On, who discussed how Soldier On is aiming to end veteran homelessness through a program that provides safe, permanent, affordable, peer-managed housing accompanied by services needed by veterans.

There was also open discussion and consideration of locations for NYSID’s next “Battle Buddy Center,” a safe haven for veterans with disabilities, and a presentation/demonstration of NYSID’s online Veterans’ Services Contact Directory.


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