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August 15, 2016

Xerox Highlights NYSID Preferred Source Job Creation in Central NY

Category: General — NYSID @ 3:50 pm

NYSID recently was featured on the Xerox blog for its Preferred Source job creation efforts across New York State, including a successful collaboration between member agency ACHIEVE and Xerox for document imaging.

Ralph Talarico of Rehabilitation Support Services is one of thousands of examples of workforce development across NYS, demonstrating that, "There is no substitute for hard work."

“In 2014, ACHIEVE, a NYSID community rehabilitation member agency in Binghamton, partnered with Xerox to provide document imaging solutions to the NYS Workers’ Compensation Board,” the blog post reads. “Eighty million digital images have been created to date, streamlining operations for this important customer. What’s more, 100 new jobs were made available to individuals with disabilities, building skill sets, reducing unemployment and energizing a local economy.”

The blog post also highlights Michelle Wolfe of The Arc of Madison Cortland, NYSID’s 2015 William B. Joslin Outstanding Performance Award co-recipient, and details NYSID’s Preferred Source employment efforts statewide.

“Through the New York State Preferred Source Program, NYSID provides business solutions for state and local government customers,” the blog post reads. “We do this through a network of approximately 125 community non-profit rehabilitation agencies who often partner with private sector businesses, such as Xerox. Together, they employ New Yorkers with disabilities, including veterans returning to the workforce, on imaging, custodial and additional Preferred Source service contracts.

“As a result, more than 7,000 New Yorkers with disabilities are annually employed and, in 2015, earned $60 million in wages. Moreover, these workers gained greater independence in their lives and communities and developed the self-worth that comes with having a job.”

Jennifer Lawrence, NYSID’s corporate communications manager, wrote the blog post, which appears in the Organization Spotlight section of the Xerox blog.


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