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April 11, 2017

Celebrate More Than Just Autism Awareness in April

Category: General — NYSID @ 3:55 pm

April is traditionally known as National Autism Awareness Month. This year, NYSID joins the Autism Society in celebrating an expanded theme: National Autism Awareness, Action, Acceptance/Inclusion, and Appreciation Month.

Spectrum Designs' clientele ranges from small local businesses and events to large organizations, such as Facebook and Guitar Player Magazine, social causes such as Autism Speaks, as well as Preferred Source customers through NYSID

The Nicholas Center for Autism, a NYSID member agency, truly represents this expanded National Autism Awareness Month theme at its best.

The agency has reinvented mission-based employment by developing four thriving businesses, all with the goal of employing people with autism. Spectrum Designs, a custom apparel enterprise, is the heart of the Nicholas Center operation, where the pace is fast and the team is intent on producing quality screen-printed and embroidered clothing to the delight of its growing customer base.

In 2015, the Nicholas Center launched three new businesses: Spectrum Bakes, a granola-based business; Spectrum Suds, a laundry service; and Spectrum Grows, an operation that grows herbs, microgreens and hydroponic vegetables. Although each differs significantly from the others, the businesses benefit from cross-branding; customers of one business often become customers of another. Each enterprise started small, with minimal investment, but has grown steadily.

This short video, created for NYSID’s Business Development Forums, details the founding and progress of the Nicholas Center’s four businesses.

Let’s celebrate the uniqueness in us all and make this National Autism Awareness, Action, Acceptance/Inclusion, and Appreciation Month one to remember. Visit the Autism Society’s website for more information.


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