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January 31, 2013

New Year, New Opportunities

Category: General — NYSID @ 2:42 pm

From Ron Romano, President & CEO

With the start of a New Year, I wish everyone a healthy and prosperous 2013.

Together with our 165 member agencies and business partners, NYSID provides opportunities for meaningful livelihoods for individuals with disabilities, thus enabling thousands of New Yorkers to pursue fulfilling work and lives.

As NYSID’s Annual Report shows, our member agencies and private sector business partners created record Preferred Source employment for individuals with disabilities in 2012. Nearly 7,000 New Yorkers with disabilities from 54 New York counties were employed on NYSID contracts during the past year, earning more than $51.8 million and working 3.9 million hours.

When individuals with disabilities have greater choices for job opportunities, all of New York benefits.
These jobs help improve our state’s economy and strengthen communities in every part of the state by employing skilled people with disabilities in production facilities and community-based jobs which make connections to better lives.

On behalf of NYSID’s Board of Directors, management and staff, thank you for helping create jobs for New Yorkers with disabilities. We look forward to growing our relationships with our stakeholders in 2013.


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