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July 24, 2013

Share Our Stories of Job Creation, Outstanding Performance

Category: General — NYSID @ 7:37 pm

We encourage NYSID member agencies to share this Times Union article –– on the future of sheltered workshops –– across your social media platforms and with local media outlets.


Together, we are empowering New Yorkers and impacting New York by providing gainful employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities in sheltered workshops statewide. Let’s collectively tell the story of how our member agencies are turning business opportunities into jobs for thousands of New Yorkers with disabilities.

As we tell the story of job creation for New Yorkers with disabilities, be sure to highlight your Joslin Award nominees, past and present, who have benefitted from employment within your agency.

This year marks the 10th Annual William B. Joslin Outstanding Performance Awards Program, with an inspiring group of 2013 Joslin Outstanding Performers from member agencies and corporate partners.

More than 475 individuals have been recognized through the Joslin Awards Program over the past decade –– including 59 Outstanding Performers this year –– and we congratulate this year’s winners for their employment and personal successes.

Stay tuned for more Joslin Award news in the coming weeks, including announcement of the 2013 William B. Joslin Outstanding Performance Award.

Thanks for all you do to create jobs for New Yorkers with disabilities.


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