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April 14, 2014

NYS Official: NYSID is a Wonderful Enterprise

Category: General — NYSID @ 3:17 pm

NYSID is receiving high praise from high-ranking NYS officials.

Anthony Annucci, acting commissioner of NYS Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, spoke highly of NYSID in a letter to Ron Romano, NYSID’s president & CEO, upon receiving NYSID’s 2013 Annual Report.

Citing NYSID’s job creation for New Yorkers with disabilities in 2013, Annucci writes: “It is indeed a pleasure to support such a wonderful enterprise as NYSID. Its efforts to leverage a highly diversified workforce toward gainful employment are commendable.”

NYSID’s 2013 Annual Report highlights the work of NYSID and our local-based member agencies and private sector business partners in creating jobs for New Yorkers with disabilities. In 2013, NYSID Preferred Source contracts statewide accounted for:

6,941 jobs created
4.1 million employment hours
$55 million in wages

    “Jobs created by NYSID and its member agencies in the last year significantly helped improve the local and state economy; the impact of these jobs can be seen throughout New York State,” Romano said. “Nearly 7,000 jobs for New Yorkers with disabilities were in place on NYSID contracts this past year –– an incredible accomplishment that could not have occurred without the support of our member agencies, private sector business partners and local and state government leaders.”


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