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May 1, 2014

Join NYSID In Raising Mental Health Awareness

Category: General — NYSID @ 2:51 pm

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month, which raises awareness about mental illness and related issues in the United States. The theme for 2014 is “Mind Your Health.”

Tamy Francis, center, is flanked by Ana Perez, RN/OCN, and Dorothy Boll, RN, from the Stony Brook University Cancer Center

NYSID celebrates the efforts of our member agencies and corporate partners to help create more inclusive communities for individuals with mental health issues.

Tamy Francis is one such individual.

A 2013 Joslin Outstanding Performer, Tamy has been with American Maintenance for more than two years, and was first hired through F.E.G.S to work at Building 17 at the Stony Brook University Campus. She did an excellent job at that site, maintaining office areas and restrooms daily. Tamy worked at Building 17 for 15 months, at which point a position opened up at the Ambulatory Care Pavilion (ACP) of Stony Brook University Hospital.

Despite misgivings because of her social anxiety, Tamy looked forward to the new job’s increased earnings potential. She has been working at ACP for more than a year, and in her words “could not be happier.” Tamy explained that this position has helped her social anxiety, and that she feels much more outgoing. She also feels that the nurses, doctors and other personnel that work at ACP “make her feel good to come into work each and every day.”

In recent years, negative attitudes and stigmas associated with mental health have changed, and there has been growing acceptance toward individuals with mental health issues.

For more information on mental health and how to raise awareness, visit www.mentalhealthamerica.net.

And a reminder: the nomination deadline for nominations for NYSID’s 11th Annual William B. Joslin Outstanding Performance Awards Program is Thursday, May 15.

Nomination materials and complete awards criteria are available at www.nysid.org/joslin.cfm; please contact Jennifer Lawrence with any questions regarding nomination requirements and options at jlawrence@nysid.org or 800-221-5994, ext. 225.

Join NYSID in recognizing excellence through the personal stories of Preferred Source workers. And remember, every Outstanding Performer is a winner!


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