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Corporate Compliance

Corporate Compliance


NYSID recognizes the broad range of stakeholders who have an interest in how we manage and operate our business. Our values-based Ethics and Compliance Program supports the belief that we do what is right not because we must, but because it is the right thing to do. NYSID’s Corporate Compliance Plan contains specific information on how we can all contribute to excellence within our corporate culture in daily decision making.

NYSID’s policies and practices form a reference point for encouraged and acceptable business conduct that highlights an ethical business framework of the fiduciary duties of its organizational directors, officers and key persons. It reminds employees, members and business partners of the important roles they play in supporting and maintaining NYSID’s business culture, brand and reputation.

Adherence to the obligations under our contracts as well as the New York State Finance Law rules and regulations, Preferred Source Guidelines, and federal and state labor labors and regulations form the cornerstone of NYSID’s Compliance Plan.


NYSID is committed to conducting business according to the highest ethical standards to maintain the complete confidence of our employees, member agencies, corporate partners, customers, and the state agencies that regulate the New York State Preferred Source Program. 

NYSID understands that the ability to uncover and manage risks, identify learning outcomes and implement effective controls is key to meeting its mission.

To this end, NYSID has implemented a number of resources including: 

  • Code of Ethics (for NYSID directors, officers and key persons)
  • Code of Ethical Business Conduct (for employees)
  • Member Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (for members, corporate partners and third-party vendors)
  • Training & Information Program, or TIP (compliance-related trainings offered via TIP)
  • Learning Management System (ethics and compliance training modules)
  • Corporate Compliance Plan (various compliance policies)
  • Business Conduct Helpline, where employees and other stakeholders may report misconduct or share concerns in a confidential and anonymous manner


The Chief Compliance Officer oversees and administers NYSID’s Ethics and Compliance Program, serving as the internal control point for ethics and compliance-related matters. The Chief Compliance Officer works collaboratively with NYSID leadership to address and mitigate complaints, build a strong culture of compliance and ensure the program supports our mission, reflects our values and continuously aligns with our vision.

The Chief Compliance Officer reports administratively to the President/CEO and functionally to the Conflicts and Ethics Committee of the Board of Directors, which serves as an “independent” voice in the oversight and management of ethics and compliance related matters at NYSID.