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Corporate Compliance

Corporate Compliance

NYSID is committed to conducting business according to the highest ethical standards to maintain the confidence of our employees, Board of Directors, Member Agencies, Corporate Partners, and the State Agencies that regulate the New York State Preferred Source Program.

NYSID has implemented a number of programs to create and sustain a culture of ethics and compliance:

  • Code of Ethical Business Conduct for NYSID employees, volunteers, Directors, and key persons.
  • Annual Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement for Officers and Directors.
  • Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for Member Agencies and Corporate Partners.
  • Training and Information Program offering compliance related trainings to Member Agencies and Corporate Partners.
  • January 2019 Corporate Compliance Program creating internal employee training and planning for compliance related activities.
  • Ethics and Compliance Hotline/ Third Party Independent Reporting Organization (TPO) - EthicsPoint/ Navax Global.  A stakeholders concerns about possible fraudulent or dishonest use or misuse of NYSID resources or property can be reported directly to EthicsPoint/ NAVAX Global at   888-297-0224 or online at http://www.navexglobal.com  

A link to the Corporate Compliance Plan can be found here….. Corporate Compliance Plan 2022.pdf