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Become a Corporate Partner Overview

NYSID's Corporate Partnering Program

Corporate partnering is an approved initiative under the Preferred Source Program as established by Article XI, Section 162 of the New York State Finance Law.

NYSID Member Agencies partner with NYSID Corporate Partners (private sector vendors) on specific contracts to create integrated work opportunities for New Yorkers with disabilities.

Partnerships are formed when a NYSID Member Agency and a private vendor work together to perform on a NYSID Preferred Source contract for new commodities or existing services. A written partnership agreement outlines the responsibilities of each party for program compliance.

NYSID Member Agencies provide a vast array of approved services, which provide opportunities for private sector partnerships. Approved commodities can also provide for partnership opportunities.

How it works 

A private vendor must first submit a fully completed Application for Corporate Partnership to NYSID for review and approval. Once approved, the private vendor identifies both a Member Agency with whom to partner and a contracting opportunity.

How to find business leads

It is the private vendor's responsibility to seek out and develop a relationship with a NYSID Member Agency to identify and secure leads. 

Leads for service and commodity contracts can be found in the New York State Contract Reporter[DS2], the New York City Record[DS3], and websites for the NYS Office of General Services, and county and municipal governments. 

Members' marketing contacts at local, state, county, and municipal agencies can also be a valuable source of contract leads.

In addition, NYSID generates potential contract opportunities based upon its presence in the public sector and by way of its own independent research. 

What happens next

Once the Application for Corporate Partnership has been submitted, and a Member Agency and a contracting opportunity have been identified, NYSID submits an application to the Adult Career and Continuing Education Service-Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR) division of the New York State Education Department for approval of the partnership. Once approved, the corporate partnership is established and the contract proceeds through the Preferred Source Program protocol. 

The private vendor becomes a member of NYSID for the duration of the contract. Membership is terminated once the contract ends.

NYSID holds all product and service contracts; the performing member agency and corporate partner are subcontractors of NYSID. This relationship allows NYSID to coordinate thousands of Preferred Source contracts and provides a single point of responsibility for both government customers and regulatory agencies. 

For more information about corporate partnering, contact NYSID’s Vice President, Sales and Marketing.