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Become a Corporate Partner Overview

NYSID's Corporate Partnering Program

The Preferred Source Program was established via Article XI, Section 162 of the New York State Finance Law in order to advance special social and economic goals related to the employment of New Yorkers with disabilities. Under this law, when certain commodity or service offerings (see the List of Preferred Source Offerings below) meet the purchasing needs of a state agency, public benefit corporation and political subdivision, those purchases must be made through the preferred source program.

Corporate partnering was created, as part of this same legislation, to foster partnerships between preferred sources (i.e., NYSID member agencies) and private vendors, who share the mission of creating integrated work opportunities for New Yorkers with disabilities.

Partnerships under this program are formed when a NYSID member agency and a private vendor work together to perform on a NYSID preferred source contract for those commodities or services. The NYSID member agency and private vendor enter into a written partnership agreement outlining the responsibilities of each party for program compliance.

Preferred sources provide a vast array of approved services, including, among others:

  • Janitorial
  • Furniture Refurbishment
  • Industrial Laundry
  • Data Imaging
  • Temporary Personnel
  • Inventory Control
  • Data Entry
  • Mail Fulfillment Services
  • Photocopying
  • Messenger Service
  • Garbage Pick Up & Recycling
  • Food Warehousing, Storage & Distribution
  • Secure Document Destruction
  • Meal Preparation & Delivery
  • Transcription

Private vendors interested in partnering with a NYSID Member Agency must first submit a fully completed Corporate Partnering Questionnaire to NYSID for review and approval. Once the Questionnaire is approved, the private vendor is now eligible to become a Corporate Partner. The next step is for the private vendor to identify both a member agency with whom to partner and a contracting opportunity.

To locate a NYSID member agency in your geographic region, please refer to the NYSID Member map. Member agencies are listed by county. A brief profile of each agency is provided to assist you in selecting a member agency that might represent the best fit for a partnering arrangement.

Leads for service and commodity contracts can be found in the New York State Contract Reporter, the New York City Record, and websites for the NYS Office of General Services, and county and municipal governments. Members' marketing contacts at local, state, county and municipal agencies can also be a valuable source of contract leads.

As noted above, all state agencies, political subdivisions and public benefit corporations (including most public authorities), are required to purchase approved commodities and services through the preferred source program in accordance with State Finance Law. NYSID distributes contract opportunities in accordance with its distribution policy as outlined in our Member Manual.

In addition, NYSID generates potential contract opportunities based upon its presence in the public sector and by way of its own independent research. Ultimately, however, it is the private vendor's responsibility to seek out and develop relationships with NYSID member agencies located in the regions where the private vendor looks to do business. It is through this relationship that many contract leads are identified and successfully secured.

Once a member agency and a contracting opportunity have been identified, NYSID submits an application to the Adult Career and Continuing Education Service-Vocational Rehabilitation ("ACCES-VR") division of the New York State Education Department for approval of the partnership. Once the partnership is approved by ACCES-VR, the corporate partnership is established and the contract proceeds through the preferred source program protocol. The private vendor becomes a member of NYSID for the duration of the contract. Membership is terminated once the contract ends.

NYSID is recognized as the contractor of record for all service contracts and purchase orders for approved commodities, and the performing member agency and corporate partners are subcontractors of NYSID. This relationship allows NYSID to coordinate thousands of preferred source contracts and provides a single point of responsibility for both government customers and regulatory agencies. By centralizing functions such as customer service, contracting, marketing, sales, accounting, warehousing, and distribution, the preferred source procurement process is simplified for all parties involved.

NYSID maintains a Technical Assistance and Quality Management (TAQM) Program to assist member agencies and corporate partners performing on NYSID contracts in maintaining compliance with laws, rules and regulations and to help improve operations. Ongoing training is offered, at no cost, to all member agencies and corporate partners through NYSID's Training and Information Program (TIP).