Guidelines Overview

NYSID strives to be flexible with each school's engineering program. The guidelines are to benefit to the NYSID Member Agency and the school, as well as the CREATE program.

  • NYSID facilitates relationships between student teams and rehabilitation agencies, then rehabilitation agencies work directly with teams to develop assistive technologies.
  • The academic year is divided into a planning phase and a construction phase.*
  • Student teams visit the sites of their perspective rehabilitation agencies to identify problems they can resolve.
  • Once a clearly-defined project has been approved by the school and agency, student teams must draft a project proposal and submit it to NYSID before the end of the first semester*.
  • Each team must submit a cost estimate to produce their prototype along with their proposal, after which NYSID will provide each team with a pre-paid credit card for up to $1,000.
  • NYSID will provide a Summary of Purchases spreadsheet that the team must use to report their purchases.
  • Student teams will submit monthly progress reports to NYSID.
  • Student teams are expected to submit a working prototype to rehabilitation agencies, as well as a final report and 3-6 minute video demonstration of their work to NYSID upon completion of the spring semester.
  • The device should be tested at the agency's site to assure it functions in the workplace.
  • Students will participate in the CREATE Symposium in Albany in the spring to demonstrate their inventions to the public and state legislators. NYSID will cover all expenses for two team representatives, their professor and a representative of their NYSID member partner.

*Accommodations can be made for single-semester programs.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Megan Tatro at or