Final Report:

This will be a discussion of the work completed on the assistive technology aid, device or rehabilitation technology service that the student teams worked on.

We suggest the following order of headings: Background, Statement of the Problem, Rationale, Design, Development, Evaluation, Discussion, References, Acknowledgements


Your video should be 3-6 minutes in length and illustrate a demonstration of the device.  All videos must be uploaded to YouTube, and the link sent to  The link to the video should also be referenced in the report or in a separate document.  Videos will be presented on the CREATE website and YouTube page.

Working Invention:

At the end of the Spring semester, students will deliver a functional invention to their partner agency. The outcome of the students' year-long project should be a creation that will directly benefit workers with disabilities.

Final Presentation and Interactive Symposium:

Both NYSID and the member agency should be included in any final presentations made by the student teams. Student teams will participate in a symposium in Albany. where they will present their prototypes.

Note: NYSID will pay for transportation, food and lodging for two members of each team, their professor and a representative of their partner rehabilitation agency.