Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Upon submission of a device to CREATE, the student teams and schools shall retain all rights to their devices, except as provided by the limited license agreement below:

  • In consideration for their participation in the competition, student teams and schools, hereby provide to NYSID and NYSID’s affiliated nonprofit agencies a limited license to use such devices to enable and/or further the employment of individuals with disabilities. 
  • In further consideration for their participation in CREATE, all student teams hereby grant permission to NYSID, and NYSID’s affiliated not-for-profit agencies to use students’, or mentor’s name, photograph, quote, likeness, report, graphics, images, PowerPoint presentations or video for informational, educational, publicity and promotional purposes.


Submission of every report, graphic, photo and/or video warrants that each individual featured in the graphic, photo and/or video has provided permission for its use.  The principal author also certifies that on the date of submission of this report all listed authors are currently enrolled as full-time or part-time students in an undergraduate or graduate level degree program.


NYSID will provide pre-paid credit cards for each project for up to four projects per campus at the beginning of the spring semester. The amount of each card will be based on the cost estimate each team submits with their proposal up to $1,000. NYSID will mail the cards to the faculty member serving as the coordinator of the project, along with an agreement on the use of the cards, which will need to be signed by the school and returned to NYSID. Each team must document all materials purchased with receipts and invoices. NYSID will provide a Summary of Purchases spreadsheet that the team must use to report their purchases. 

  • Schools must use the credit card to purchase all materials; any out-of-pocket expenses incurred are subject to NYSID approval for reimbursement, there is no guaranteed reimbursement for these expenses.
  • Schools must keep track of all materials and costs of supplies used to create prototypes.
  • All documentation-receipts, Summary of Purchases spreadsheet and credit cards must be complete and mailed to NYSID at the end of the Spring semester.

Note: If student teams do not return the pre-paid cards and all necessary documentation, the school will be billed for any unaccounted funds.