2014-2015 Academic Year

Clarkson University

Bottle Redemption

Project Bottle Redemption is a project continuation from last year and was partnered with St. Lawrence NYSARC.

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Problem: The current container redemption business operations at the St. Lawrence work centers use an inefficient single-hole sorting table and an unreliable, outdated counting system. These issues have caused a lack of worker productivity and a loss of revenue for St. Lawrence.
Proposed Solutions:
MISTER team (Modular Intake and Sorting Table design for Enhanced Recycling)- design a multi-sort intake table that can be easily assembled and disassembled so the workers can be more productive. The team will also complete an instruction manual.
LETuSERV team (Electronic Totalizing and Usage System for Enhanced Recycling Value)- design a more efficient electronic counting system by adding double sensors to the holes on the sorting table and wiring those sensors into a single counter system an customer display. This will eliminate the double counting that is occurring with they current system, thus increasing revenue for St. Lawrence.

PRESErVE team (Process Recycling Enhancement in a Supported Employment high-Volume Enterprise- the MBA/ Business team is conducting assessments and time studies of the current process and will do so again when the new process is in place. They will offer any suggestions and help develop a business plan on how to roll out the hew system once it is complete.