2014-2015 Academic Year

Manhattan College

Bright Life

Project BrightLife is a project continuation from last year, partnered with Lifespire.

Problem: The first phase of Project BrightLife designed by the 2014 senior class had some issues. The modified clothing shelving system aimed to increase productivity and workflow with organized compartments and new scanning system, however, there were problems with the RFID reader scan, there was a lack of capability for multiple users, a limited shelf size and a complicated user interface.

Proposed Solution: Redesign the shelving system to implement in the Lifespire warehouse by networking multiple compartments and the user interface to be more intuitive and stable. 


Project InterKINECT was partnered with Institute for Career Development (ICD).

Problem: The current job interview training process is time-restrictive, which inhibits productivity in the number of individuals it serves, and needs improvement on administering constructive feedback. 

Proposed Solution: Design an automated interview interface which will improve the efficiency and productivity of the job interview training process that is provided for ICD's individuals by implementing a Microsoft Kinect sensor. This, combined with a computer software system, will monitor several factors and will provide a feedback summary of the interview and tips on how the participant can improve upon their soft skills ability. 

Optimal Chemical Dispenser (OCD)

Project Optimal Chemical Dispenser (OCD) was partnered with Lifespire.

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Problem: The three-chamber chemical dispensary at the Bronx Lifespire facility is lacking in user-safety, user-friendliness, quality control, quantity regulation and equipment sanitation for individuals working in the job readiness program.

Proposed Solution: Design an OCD which will automate and simplify the process of diluting concentrated chemical cleaning agents to produce marketable product. The OCD will be able to house multiple chemicals, accurately measure and record data, provide additional safety features and minimize the need for total supervisory presence.