2021-2022 Academic Year

CUNY City College


Altri is an Android application developed using Java in Android Studio. The goal is to improve the independence of adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and provide them with support throughout their tasks while trying to help enhance their social skills. There are two main components to the app: a scheduler and an AI chatbot.

Read the paper: CUNY - Altri.pdf

PROJECT: Autism Bridge 

An app-based solution that aims to tackle the foremost causes of the high unemployment rate faced by people with Autism Spectrum Disorder. An employer's lack of understanding about autism often creates difficulties in applying for jobs or handling interview situations effectively. By providing a professional network mobile application with a special focus on people with ASD, it will help eliminate the difficulties in applying for jobs by connecting individuals with recruiters, talent managers and potential employers.

Read the paper: CUNY - Autism Bridge.pdf

PROJECT: ASLNOW (Formerly EverHear) 

ASLNOW's objective is to provide an equal and comfortable workplace experience for individuals that have any form of hearing loss by improving on speech-to-text and including speech to American Sign Language (ASL) and ASL-to-text via a graphical keyboard interface. The app will allow people to text or send audio to other coworkers. The app will then translate the audio or text to ASL when communicating with a user who knows ASL. For people who only communicate through ASL, the team will develop a graphical keyboard enabling users to chat in ASL and, depending on the user's choice, the text will be translated to English or kept in ASL.

Read the paper: CUNY - ASLNOW.pdf

PROJECT: Schedule and Structure 

An app that aims to help individuals with autism and/or ADHD with organizing, planning and staying focused on tasks. The app will allow for collaboration between workers and supervisors. With its scheduling features, chat space and mood tracker, it will allow for greater ease of communication and building structure for their day.

Read the paper: CUNY - Schedule and Structure.pdf