2021-2022 Academic Year

Manhattan College

PROJECT: High-Res Headband Document Scanner & Transmitter

Smile Farms is a workplace that employs individuals with physical disabilities on various tasks ranging from watering plants to shredding paper in bulk. Randy, who works at Smile Farm, is immobile from neck down with some control over his fingers. He aspires to work in the paper scanning department and requested the team build a device to scan documents in a way that does not require him to use his hands. The team came up with the idea of creating a wireless scanner that could transmit the scanned documents to a computer without much, if any, human involvement needed.

Read the paper: Manhattan College - Headband Document Scanner proposal.pdf

PROJECT: Smart Register

Constructive Partnerships Unlimited has a location in the Bronx that is opening a cafeteria. Workers with disabilities at this location have trouble using the cash register. The Member Agency partner requested that the team develop a Smart Register as there are little to no smart cash registers that are designed for workers with disabilities. The team plans on using a system to scan currency with a camera. The system will recognize the currency and upload it to a touchscreen panel that is connected to an application. The application will then compute the change the worker needs to give to the customer.

Read the paper: Manhattan College - Smart Register proposal.pdf