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2021 Corporate Partner of the Year: Seery Systems Group
November 15, 2021

2021 Corporate Partner of the Year: Seery Systems Group

NYSID presented the Corporate Partner of the Year award to Seery Systems, a private sector company which believes in job creation for individuals with disabilities. 

At Seery, local individuals earn the opportunity to perform a variety of document scanning and imaging procedures for NYSID customers, earning competitive wages in an integrated work setting.

In Fiscal Year 2021, Seery Systems employed 25 individuals with disabilities on NYSID contracts, who earned $519,510 in competitive wages. 

Richard Muller was tapped by Seery to be its NYSID Employee of the Year. Richard was given that first chance to fit into a work setting 10 years ago, and has since exceeded expectations in every aspect of the operation. He has also become more independent through rewarding work.

Congratulations to the entire Seery team for choosing to include!