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Preferred Source Law Changes Signed Into Law
October 6, 2022

Preferred Source Law Changes Signed Into Law

While the Preferred Source Program has worked to offer individuals with disabilities as many employment opportunities as possible, its governing law needed to be updated after 50 years. 

NYSID is proud to share that on October 4 Governor Hochul signed Preferred Source legislation updating disability employment ratios and contracting thresholds. Thanks to these modernization efforts, we look forward to expanding meaningful jobs for individuals with disabilities who look to the program for success.

On behalf of those individuals and all of NYSID’s partners in the campaign to improve the Preferred Source Law for a new era, thank you Governor Hochul for signing this important legislation into law. With the support of Governor Hochul, our legislative champions, and the state’s first Chief Disability Officer Kim Hill, NYSID will better be able to put more New Yorkers with disabilities to work in various employment environments.


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