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Putting a Shine on Western New York
November 2, 2022

Putting a Shine on Western New York

NYSID’s Corporate Partners are private sector businesses approved by the NYS Education Department which commit to the majority of their employees being individuals with disabilities while servicing NYSID contracts.

The 2022 Corporate Partner of the Year is Sheen & Shine, Inc., a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business which has provided expert custodial services for 40 years. The company partners with various NYSID Member Agencies throughout Rochester to provide meaningful employment to workers with disabilities, including more than 35 individuals this past year.  

At Shine & Shine, an individual with a disability is an equal member of the team, making a living wage and giving back to their community. Roger Youngs, Sheen & Shine’s NYSID Employee of the Year, exemplifies this inclusion. 

Click to watch the award video shown at NYSID’s Annual Meeting on October 19. 

Back to work in Rochester, Roger was profiled on the local news after receiving NYSID’s award. Click to watch.