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Teaming Up to Foster Inclusion
November 11, 2022

Teaming Up to Foster Inclusion

A NYSID Champion advocates for individuals with disabilities to live their most inclusive life. 

There’s no better example of inclusion than Special Olympics New York (SONY), through which 31,000 individuals from across the state are team players. Many of these individuals work at NYSID Member Agencies. 

Together, SONY and NYSID support corporate social responsibility in carrying out their respective missions. 

Since 2014, SONY has purchased more than $475,000 in branded products from NYSID, which equates to 392 weeks of paid employment to workers with disabilities.

NYSID gives back by volunteering at SONY events across the state.

Both organizations look forward to ongoing collaborations that make more connections to inclusive lives for individuals with disabilities.

Please enjoy the award video for NYSID’s 2022 Champion, Special Olympics New York.