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CREATE Program Year Concludes With Real-Life Innovations on Display
April 25, 2023

CREATE Program Year Concludes With Real-Life Innovations on Display

“Innovation is any change big or small that makes a difference.” 

And what a difference this year's CREATE program students made, from helping individuals gain more confidence in their employability to enabling them to be more productive and safer working at NYSID Member Agencies.

Our annual CREATE Symposium showcases technologies that today’s young minds designed to allow individuals with disabilities to be more successful at work.

The five colleges and six Member Angencies involved joined NYS legislators, NYSID's team, disability provider organizations, and others at the CREATE Symposium on Monday, April 26.

The winners of the ninth annual CREATE Symposium were:

1st place: Automated Ream Opener, University at Albany, SUNY/Center for Disability Services

2nd place: Intelligent Glue Gun, New York Institute of Technology/AHRC Nassau

3rd place: Scrub Pad Cutter, SUNY Polytechnic Institute/The Arc, Oneida-Lewis

Awards were presented by Chief Disability Officer Kimberly Hill who enthused about the impressive technologies that will surely benefit diverse individuals who face barriers to employment.

We thank each participant for developing #assistivetechnology to make employment more inclusive for people with disabilities.

Click here for complete details on each of the 10 projects: https://www.nysid.org/create/projects/10/2022-2023-Academic-Year/

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