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Mike Miles - Oswego Industries, Inc.
October 1, 2010

Mike Miles - Oswego Industries, Inc.

Mike Miles received NYSID's prestigious William B. Joslin Outstanding Performance Award in September 2009, the sixth New Yorker with disabilities to be so honored.

Coming to Oswego Industries in May 2004 after working several years at various commercial custodial companies in Syracuse, Mike's desire to learn new skills and attention to detail made him very useful in a variety of customer settings, despite the challenges of emotional/mental health disabilities. His employment goal was a life of economic independence and security, helping him transition from a group home supported environment to independent living.

Mike became an integral part of a 12-person crew working at the Developmental Disabilities Services Offices (DDSO) in Syracuse, where his impressive work ethic was commended by staff many times, including perfect attendance. What's more, Mike works hard to enrich the lives of others, helping disabled and non-disabled people with chores in his apartment building. He also helps with laundry, does banking, picks up prescriptions, and provides safety and security to elderly people on walks in his neighborhood.

Mike truly embodies outstanding job performance, success through his employment opportunities, and success in personal areas of his life, characteristics shared by all the New Yorkers with disabilities who were named 2009 Joslin Outstanding Performers.