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Karen Whitney, Lifetime Assistance, Inc./LAICO Industries
March 17, 2011

Karen Whitney, Lifetime Assistance, Inc./LAICO Industries

A 25-year veteran at LAICO Industries, Karen Whitney worked in the production workshop until 2006 when she was promoted to the state-of-the-art Classified Shredding Services secure document destruction operation, where New Yorkers with disabilities perform multiple tasks from sorting customers' documents to shredding and compacting bales for recycling. As part of this skilled team, her duties include weighing and recording incoming totes, cleaning and locking totes, removing unacceptable materials, sorting colors and reject materials, setting new wires, sorting out metals, plastic and cardboard, and helping with cleanup.

Karen is very conscientious about each completed task, which has boosted her self-confidence over the years. While challenged by limited use of her right hand and a developmental disability, Karen has learned to focus on her strengths. One of her favorite times at work is Community Shredding Day, when local residents bring in personal documents for shredding and recycling. At these events, Karen provides superb customer service, greeting residents and assisting them with their drop-offs.

Karen was named by Lifetime Assistance, Inc. as its 2010 Joslin Outstanding Performer, in recognition for her vocational growth and winning attitude.