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Center for Disability Services Workers Honored for Employment Excellence and Courageous Advocacy
November 7, 2016

Center for Disability Services Workers Honored for Employment Excellence and Courageous Advocacy

Joseph Scorza and Richard Whaley, mail processing clerks at the Center for Disability Services, received special recognition at NYSID's Annual Meeting for advocating toward keeping these job choices and bringing to life the importance of their jobs for themselves, their families, and their community.

Both employees of the Center's Commercial Services mailing operation, Joe and Rich were presented with a special award "In Grateful Appreciation of your Exemplification of the Spirit and Independence of New Yorkers with Disabilities."

View Joe Scorza and Rich Whaley's inspiring award video. #EmploymentEmpowers

With its motto "Where people get better at life," the Center currently provides employment to more than 250 individuals with disabilities in an integrated work setting, including Joe and Rich. Its Preferred Source customers include the NYS Department of Social Services, NYS Insurance Fund, and NYS Courts.

Joe and Rich testified in May at the NYS Procurement Council meeting about their mail processing jobs, as Preferred Source mail processing services are coming under scrutiny.

"I help my mom pay the bills in my household, and if you took that away from me, you would not only be taking that away from me, but you would be taking my quality of life away from me," Joe told the NYS Procurement Council.

Rich echoed Joe's sentiments to the NYS Procurement Council, saying, "I just want to tell you how important it is to have this work continue for not only me, but the future of the Center and the future of people with disabilities that are going to come along in the future."

In presenting their awards during the Annual Meeting, Ron Romano, NYSID president and CEO, remarked: "Tonight, I'm proud and privileged to take a moment to appreciate two of those deserving and talented individuals and workers from the Center for Disability Services who recently spoke passionately about their jobs and the future of NYSID and employment."

Joe and Rich also were featured in the Center's video highlighting its 25-year history of providing mailing services to New York State agencies.