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Chris Wolf, Fedcap Rehabilitation Services
March 17, 2011

Chris Wolf, Fedcap Rehabilitation Services

Chris Wolf works as a Verifier and Quality Control Specialist for Fedcap Office Services, a job that comes with a lot of responsibility since he guarantees the quality of the Fedcap's Emergency Medical Service of New York and the Environmental Protection Agency NYSID Preferred Source contracts.

After graduating high school and attending broadcasting school, Chris found his way to Fedcap where his computer experience quickly launched a new career. Despite typing with one hand due to Cerebral Palsy, he progressed quickly into a job with Fedcap Office Services in July 2007. He started as a data entry clerk, but soon his supervisors noticed Chris' attention to detail and leadership skills, promoting him to Verifier and Quality Control Specialist.

Chris is incredibly dedicated to his team, and his goal is to make sure they are motivated to produce high quality work. One of the favorite parts of his job is training new employees, and challenging them to do their very best. Chris hopes to one day get involved with Fedcap's Job Placement program as a volunteer, and help lead ongoing career development workshops for all new Fedcap graduates.

Chris is truly a success story in the eyes of the Fedcap team, and was recognized as their 2010 Joslin Outstanding Performer.