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Trainings Enhance Member Understanding of Application Process
January 12, 2018

Trainings Enhance Member Understanding of Application Process

This past week, NYSID hosted trainings for its members in Albany, Utica and Buffalo on the new OGS price approval application process. FAST TRACK YOUR NYSID SERVICE APPLICATION gave members insight into the new forms and procedures required in the janitorial and imaging arenas.

NYSID executive staff, including Joe Messina, VP sales; and Meredith Hartman, senior sales manager, presented on a variety of topics, including: pro rating paid time off, prevailing wage information, backup information required, and more. The presentation was followed by an open forum discussion.

Follow-up from the trainings from the nearly 100 participants included comments such as "I now know what to itemize and include on my costs" and "It is good to know what OGS will accept."

"Better training means more informed members which, in turn, leads to more job opportunities for people with disabilities," Hartman said. "And that's what it's all about."

For more information on this training or to receive copies of the training materials, please contact Heather Bushane, coordinator of NYSID's technical assistance and quality management (TAQM) program, at hbushane@nysid.org or 518.694.0223.

Look for this and other member trainings in your area at http://www.nysid.org/tip.cfm.