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AHRC New York City Earns Excellent Evaluation from FDNY
February 26, 2018

AHRC New York City Earns Excellent Evaluation from FDNY

A founding NYSID member agency has earned high praise from New York's Bravest, as AHRC New York City received an outstanding performance evaluation for cleaning services provided at the Fire Department of the City of New York's (FDNY) locations in Bronx and Queens.

AHRC New York City received an "Excellent" overall score of 88 out of 100 from FDNY, based upon such criteria as timeliness of performance, fiscal administration and accountability, and performance and overall quality.

"This is an outstanding performance evaluation for janitorial services at the FDNY facilities in the Bronx and Queens," said Ron Romano, NYSID president & CEO. "FDNY demands excellence, so AHRC New York City and NYSID are extremely proud of this 'Excellent' performance evaluation."

The FDNY employment opportunity for AHRC New York City's Hudson River Services team began in 2015, quickly proving that workers with disabilities make valuable contributions to FDNY's mission of service in communities.

Its Preferred Source workers provide services in two major areas: janitorial, including daily cleaning, deep cleaning and periodic work; and landscaping, including mowing, edging, trimming and cleanup.

On a given weekday across four boroughs, more than 100 individuals with disabilities are hard at work cleaning 65 FDNY locations. AHRC New York City workers have earned a reputation for top notch service and attention to detail, as reported by FDNY and reflected in customer evaluations and contract ratings, according to Naira Aslanyan, AHRC New York City's regional director.

"What's more, the individuals state that they're made to feel a part of the FDNY family, and are proud to serve such an important customer while earning a paycheck," she said. "Their excellent performance and customer service prove that New Yorkers with disabilities can do great work when given a chance. Providing janitorial and landscaping services through our contract with FDNY has been helping us achieve that."

FDNY was named Local Customer of the Year during NYSID's 2016 Annual Meeting.

"AHRC New York City's Hudson River Services has come in and I would say they're very proactive," said FDNY Chief Inspector Ronald Riccitelli. "They've approached me from the beginning, given me a lot of assistance in making sure that their cleaners do the right type of job that we need for this building."

"The opportunity to serve the FDNY in janitorial and cleaning contracts has been a tremendous opportunity for the individuals we serve," said Brian Simon, AHRC New York City's Hudson River Services. "We want to thank the FDNY for this opportunity and all the jobs it's created."