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Long Island Welcome Center Visitor Acknowledges Star Employee for Her Work Ethic and Warmth
August 27, 2018

Long Island Welcome Center Visitor Acknowledges Star Employee for Her Work Ethic and Warmth

There are jobs well done… and then there are JOBS WELL DONE!

Bernetta Faltz West works as a custodian at the Long Island Welcome Center on a Preferred Source contract through American Maintenance. Christopher Alex, president of American Maintenance, shared this wonderful letter he received from Paula Glazer, a Dix Hills resident and frequent visitor at the Long Island Welcome Center, praising Bernetta:

"I have had the opportunity to spend much time at the new and beautiful rest stop between exits 51 and 52, on the Long Island Expressway. I meet with friends weekly to work, conference and, of course, eat the splendid foods of Long Island and New York.

"I have come to witness, and feel compelled to mention, the excellent work ethic of Bernetta Faltz West. Every week, we are in awe of her dedication and hard work, in addition to having a friendly and welcoming attitude.

"It is so rare that people in some positions get the acknowledgement and respect they deserve. Bernetta is a star employee. Your company should be honored to have such a person representing your organization."

Alex was truly moved by the writer's praiseworthy, unprecedented words. "In 20 years, I have never seen someone take the time to write a letter like this," he said. "It's very nice to see someone get recognized, and I think that we have our 2019 Joslin Award nominee."

Joseph Messina, NYSID's vice president of sales, was similarly impressed by the letter. "It's always great to see, firsthand, the impact this program has on people's lives," he said.

The Long Island Welcome Center is the first location of its kind at a Long Island Expressway service area, where 15 new jobs for people with disabilities have been created. It features an expansive Taste NY store offering travelers locally made products, local history displays and numerous travel conveniences to families, business people, and other visitors.

American Maintenance and The Corporate Source partner for cleaning and maintenance services on a Preferred Source contract at the Welcome Center.

New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) has a longstanding history with NYSID member agency workforces and was recognized for this commitment as 2017 State Government Customer of the Year during NYSID's Annual Meeting last September.

Just as the Long Island Welcome Center is an outstanding example of NYSDOT service to travelers across New York State, Bernetta Faltz West of American Maintenance is a shining example of the Preferred Source Program’s success and the ways in which #EmploymentEmpowers.