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2019 Joslin Award Winners Exemplify Workplace Excellence
September 23, 2019

2019 Joslin Award Winners Exemplify Workplace Excellence

Just in time for National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) in October, NYSID is pleased to present the 2019 recipients of our highest people-centered award, the William B. Joslin Outstanding Performance Award.

Candace Cotazino, Northeast Career Planning/Albany County

Candy works at the NYS State Archives center, the central storehouse of records for 49 different state government agencies. Candy has overcome the challenges of addiction and recovery to be respected for the hard work she puts in on the records management team. “I like my job because every day is different and I’m valued for my contribution,” she says.

Katie Tung, Jawonio/Rockland County

A few years ago, Katie came to Jawonio for employment opportunities, but with limited work history and skills. Today, she works alongside a diverse group of individuals at Star Printers, a busy custom apparel partner with Jawonio, where she’s responsible for quality control in the embroidery department. “I love my job because it helps me to have my own money and not have to ask my parents,” she says. 

Candy and Katie were selected from the 16th annual Joslin Awards Program’s “Outstanding Performer” nominees from 51 NYSID Member Agencies and Corporate Partners. They will attend the Annual Meeting on Tuesday, October 22 to receive their awards. See the list of 2019 Joslin nominees here

“Given the opportunity, many of those with disabilities in New York State make incredible contributions both in their workplace and in their community. We want to recognize employees who rise above and beyond for being true leaders and inspiring others. Their tireless work not only makes a significant contribution to workplaces, but also impacts communities and economies,” said Maureen O’Brien, President and CEO of NYSID.