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Celebrate Compliance Week With NYSID
October 30, 2019

Celebrate Compliance Week With NYSID

Wanting to ensure that business decisions at all levels are made with honesty, transparency, fairness, and ethics is the reason strong organizations implement a corporate compliance program. Companies across the country are recognizing this commitment to successful governance during Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week (November 3-9).

At NYSID, we maintain the trust and confidence of our Member Agencies, Corporate Partners and oversight agencies through the efforts of our Compliance department, headed by Vice President Sarah DeVoe and staffed by Dan Minns, Liz Poleto and Sharon Segura. According to Sarah, “I joined NYSID in early 2019 at a time when it was working to develop a more cohesive, user-friendly monitoring process for our Member Agencies and Corporate Partners. I am thrilled how the Compliance Team came together, implemented change and ultimately enhanced the compliance process to ensure Preferred Source requirements continue to be met.” 

The Compliance team works in partnership with Member Agencies and Corporate Partners to collect program-related data for each NYSID contract, which is critical to ensuring the integrity of the Preferred Source Program. One of the key data elements collected through NYSID’s Quarterly Employment Report (QER) is the Value-Added Labor (VAL) ratio mandated by both the NYS Procurement Council and NYS Finance Law. 

Sharon is the department’s QER Supervisor, helping Member Agencies and Corporate Partners complete reports accurately with an understanding of why the data is important to NYSID. “My job impacts people with disabilities by verifying that Member Agencies and Corporate Partners are providing employment while meeting VAL ratios and paying wages appropriately,” Sharon says. With almost 15 years of NYSID experience behind her, Sharon is the department’s seasoned veteran and has been a great resource during the Compliance process improvement throughout 2019. The Compliance department recently conducted five trainings on the QER process across the state with over 100 attendees, and served 74 Member Agencies and 35 Corporate Partners through the 2019 QER data collection process.

Armed with accurate QER data, Dan and Liz conduct compliance reviews at Member Agencies and Corporate Partners through the year, a requirement by the NYS Education Department that each must be reviewed every three years. “Our department's role in preserving the integrity of the Preferred Source Program and securing the jobs of thousands of New Yorkers with disabilities is one that I take seriously,” says Dan who serves as Manager, Compliance Reviews. “Working on a team that shares the same values and commitment to NYSID's mission makes this a great place to come to work every day.” 

“As a Compliance Specialist, I go to Members and Corporate Partners to perform Compliance Reviews, to make sure VAL ratios are being met on each NYSID contract,” says Liz. During Fiscal Year 2019, which ended on September 30, 2019, compliance reviews were conducted at 26 locations, ensuring that NYSID contracts are providing employment in accordance with the Preferred Source Program’s purpose.

The Compliance department looks forward to working collaboratively with our Member Agencies and Corporate Partners in the year ahead, so we can continue to provide employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.