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NYSID Marks 45th Year of Impact
January 6, 2020

NYSID Marks 45th Year of Impact

Those with disabilities earned a record $72.9 million working on Preferred Source jobs at NYSID Member Agencies and through NYSID Corporate Partners this past year. 

Thank you to the many stakeholders who have helped NYSID reach numerous milestones throughout 45 years of furthering its mission of advancing employment and other opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

  • 1975: NYS Finance Law establishes "Preferred Sources" to create jobs for people with disabilities.
  • 1976: NYSID is designated as a facilitator of the statewide program and is located in NYC, administering 20 contracts of behalf of five Member Agencies.
  • 1982: 31 Member Agencies work on 48 commodity and services contracts.
  • 1990: The number of Member Agencies with contracts more than doubles in 10 years. People with disabilities perform 650,000 employment hours.
  • 1997: NYSID establishes a new headquarters in Albany, in addition to the NYC sales office.
  • 2000: 25 years of NYSID; wages to Preferred Source workers reach $31 million.
  • 2004: New contract opportunities for document imaging, drug test kits, temporary office services, and more.
  • 2011: More than 500 new jobs created from new contracts for custodial, data imaging and office temp services. Preferred Source workers earn $47 million in wages.
  • 2014: Preferred Source workers perform 4 million hours of employment.
  • 2017: NYSID is re-designated by the NYS Education Department as the facilitator of contracts for individuals with disabilities.
  • 2018: Wages for Preferred Source workers reach $68.7 million. NYSID’s average wage growth for the past five years outpaces the national average.
  • 2019: Rockefeller Institute for Government releases an economic impact assessment of the fiscal and societal impact of NYSID contracts: $368.9 million impact on the NYS economy.