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Let’s Work Together to Reopen NYS for Individuals With Disabilities!
June 10, 2020

Let’s Work Together to Reopen NYS for Individuals With Disabilities!

We at NYSID are thankful that New York Forward is rolling out across the state to reopen our communities. We hope that this initiative will soon address the vital needs of individuals with disabilities, their families and their nonprofit support organizations.

A statement from NYS Assembly Member John T. McDonald clarifies what’s at stake: “As someone who has served the developmentally disabled community for the past 30 plus years, one of the most critical relationships I have witnessed is between the individual and their family. No one really appreciates this bond until it is broken as it impacts the individual’s routine, and in time, their health. All of us live our lives with a routine and we know what our lives are like when that routine is thrown off. For the developmentally disabled the disruption is even more profound, hence the urgency to reunite family members with individuals as soon as possible.”

One parent brings personal awareness to the separation of families from their loved ones residing in community care. Click here or on the letter to read the full text.

NYSID Member Agencies are among the many nonprofit community providers that are waiting to reopen and resume programs for thousands of individuals served. 

“I encourage our Member Agencies to reach out to their local legislators for guidance and support in restarting services,” said Maureen O’Brien, president and CEO. “We encourage the state level organizations which oversee the lives of our citizens with disabilities to devise a thoughtful process for all stakeholders who care about this too-often marginalized community.”

If you'd like to sign a petition to reopen day programs for individuals with disabilities, click here.