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2020 Member Agency of the Year: Upstate
November 6, 2020

2020 Member Agency of the Year: Upstate

When the first days and weeks of COVID-19's impact hit New York State, the Arc Erie County New York stepped up to support the Buffalo area and allow workers with disabilities to keep getting that all-important paycheck.

The Arc Erie County reimagined employment as a community model in recent years. Its custodial program has developed into an effective business solution, which allows janitorial and lawn care experts to work in state and local government settings throughout the region and receive competitive wages.

When Buffalo experienced the largest COVID-19 outbreak outside of New York City and its surrounding counties, the Arc’s cleaning program stepped up its services with enhanced sanitizing and disinfecting throughout the City of Buffalo, including transportation areas, public works and other essential sites.

One of the workers who rose to this challenge is Amy Espinosa, who was chosen to represent the Arc Erie County New York’s job opportunities and work performance as Employee of the Year.

CEO Doug DiGesare shared, “Amy’s story epitomizes what a strong work ethic combined with NYSID’s employment opportunities can accomplish. Our work is made possible by individuals like Amy who overcome tremendous obstacles to become trainable, reliable, highly qualified employees that represent the Arc of Erie New York and themselves in the community.”