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Transforming IT Operations Forward
April 13, 2021

Transforming IT Operations Forward

The COVID-19 pandemic underscored just how much the working world relies on secure, modern Information Technology (IT), and how new technologies impact the way we work and communicate.

NYSID pivoted its IT operations throughout 2020, equipping staff to work remotely, access the network from anywhere, and communicate through virtual technologies. To move even further forward, we inked an agreement with TAG Solutions in Albany that will help us streamline internal IT operations and improve both short- and long-term IT processes.

“This has been a year of challenges on many levels, but NYSID and its staff grew from each,” said President & CEO Maureen O’Brien. “We believe these IT changes will create a more responsive and efficient environment that increases our competitive edge to satisfy government and private sector customers.”

Sarah DeVoe, Vice President, Compliance, assumed responsibility for IT in November 2020, and is directing the new relationship with TAG Solutions. “Securing employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities is NYSID’s core purpose. Our partnership with TAG will enable us to focus on this mission, while gaining IT efficiencies and strategic direction,” said Sarah. One of the most important elements of working with this industry leader will be accessing its Virtual CIO (vCIO).

Additionally, Sarah and Evan Terwilliger, IT Support Specialist, will be implementing with TAG a new internal ticket system for reporting everyday staff problems, such as password recovery and machine hardware issues. According to Sarah, “Evan has been instrumental in assisting employees throughout the remote working process. I know he’s up to the challenge of collaborating with TAG to be even more responsive to NYSID staff needs.”

“Given the value that NYSID provides to its membership and customers, we are excited to work closely with NYSID  to ensure a strong and secure IT foundation,” said Bryan Spinner, vCIO.  “We look forward to providing engaging and essential information about the IT field, and how it can impact NYSID’s core business and industry in positive ways.”