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New Mobile Washing Technology Creates Jobs
December 28, 2011

New Mobile Washing Technology Creates Jobs

NYSID members have recently started to use a revolutionary technology called SteamJet to clean vehicles, shopping carts and other hard surfaces. Unlike a traditional power washer, the SteamJet uses very little water, relying on heat, power and steam to clean.

Two people can wash and wax a vehicle in 10-15 minutes, compared to the 45 minutes required for most mobile car washes, while using less than a gallon of water. This system is environmentally friendly: there is virtually no run-off water. The SteamJet is also energy efficient, requiring less than 100 watts of power, and does not scratch paint, making it completely safe for all vehicle surfaces.

Mobile washing has the potential to create job opportunities for people with disabilities all across New York State. NYSID currently offers mobile washing to commercial customers, and plans to apply for Preferred Source status in the future.

Potential customers can benefit significantly from this convenient and affordable service, since SteamJet comes to their doorstep, saving time and money.

Customers who would like to find out more about mobile washing for cars, shopping carts or other hard surfaces should contact Brian Bateman. NYSID members who would like to participate in mobile washing should also contact Brian.