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James Chianchiano, Ulster-Greene ARC
March 5, 2012

James Chianchiano, Ulster-Greene ARC

James Chianchiano has transferred his skills from his volunteering position at his local church to part-time employment as an office aide with Ulster-Greene ARC's Pilot Industries in Ellenville. Pilot sells drug testing kits through NYSID, as well as packages and repackages various products.

James performs clerical duties, such as greeting visitors/staff entering the building, answering phones, filing, shredding, purchase orders, attendance and more. He is a conscientious worker who strives to do the best job he can every day and brightens everyone's day. James continues to volunteer one day a week at his church, while maintaining his employment with Ulster-Greene ARC.

'I like being successful and being helpful to the agency,'? James said. 'It is wonderful working for Ulster-Greene ARC and having a job at Pilot Ellenville. The job means a lot to me.'?

Betty Marks, southern region director for Ulster-Greene ARC, speaks highly of James and greatly admires his work ethic.

'James has become a great support for clerical work at Pilot Ellenville,'? she said. 'He is pleasant to work with and always has a smile on his face. James has become a valued staff member. He continues to learn the various aspects of his position as an office aide.'?