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Professional Protocol and Office Essentials


Date: Monday, 04/12/2021
Time: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Region: All
Location: Webinar, , Statewide, NY

Event Status: Registration Closed


M3 Placement and Partnership

M3 Placement and Partnership

M3 Placement & Partnership is based on a vision that creates opportunities for both companies and candidates alike, in an environment that is nurturing, professional, and develops committed partnerships.  M3 is a dedicated partner in the design and facilitation of professional development and training sessions for your employees. From small to large groups, M3 is able to deliver industry insight and guidance that will help you enhance workplace standards and success.

Carrie Luber us an Executive Recruiter and Career Specialist with M3Placement.  She brings twenty years experience in career coaching and training, facilitation, and program development. 

Who Should Attend:

All staff levels

Session Objective:

How we do business has changed dramatically over this past year. The focus has been on staying current and meeting challenges. Along the way, we have lost touch with basic office protocol and business etiquette. This workshop will cover the essentials in both an in-person and virtual environment.

This training will provide an understanding of office protocol and business etiquette - and how to apply it. Specific tips and tools will be presented that can enhance both the virtual and in-person working environment and productivity.