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NYS Department of Labor Prevailing Wage & Paid Time Off (PTO) – including NYS Mandatory Sick Leave Requirements


Date: Tuesday, 07/12/2022
Time: 10:00am

Region: All
Location: Albany, NY, 11 Columbia Circle Drive, Albany, NY 12203

Event Status: Open


Meredith Hartman

Meredith Hartman
Vice President- Contract Administration

As Vice President, Contract Administration, Meredith ensures the efficient supervision and operation of the Contract Administration department including the timely review of contract application packages and submission of the same to the New York State Office of General Services for price approval. In addition, Meredith ensures timely review and submission of Corporate Partner applications to New York State Education Department- ACCES VR office.

Who Should Attend:

Staff involved in payroll, contract costing (i.e. OGS Form 3) or human resources who have NYSID service contracts subject to NYS DOL- Article 9 Prevailing Wage requirements (janitorial, grounds, windows).

Session Objective:

This course will provide an overview of Article 9 – Building Services – Prevailing Wage requirements, mandatory prevailing wage paid time off & NYS mandatory sick leave requirements. Small targeted break off groups will work to hone in on the specific details and requirements of the prevailing wage in your region. You will learn how to read the Prevailing Wage schedule, where to access specific PRC #s, how to calculate PTO, required certified payroll records and more.