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Completing a QER and Compliance Reviews


Date: Thursday, 07/28/2022
Time: 10:00am

Region: All
Location: Albany, NY, 11 Columbia Circle Drive, Albany, NY 12203

Event Status: Open

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Dan Minns

Dan Minns

As the Manager, Compliance, Dan oversees NYSID’s Compliance Review and  Quarterly Employment Report (QER) processes of Member Agencies and Corporate Partners to ensure their accurate and efficient operation as regulated by Preferred Source Legislation and NYSID’s Designation Agreement with the New York State Education Department.

Who Should Attend:

Those individuals who are responsible for completing NYSID’s Quarterly Employment Reports and staff involved in payroll and human resources.

Session Objective:

This course will provide a detailed overview of how to complete NYSID’s Quarterly Employment Report (QER) and what to expect during a Compliance Review.